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Buckwheat is placed inside cereals (which is a commodity classification and not a botanical one), although it is not a graminacea, but a polygonacea. With cereals it has similarities for cultivation methods, while it is superior for high biological value of proteins: 14.1% against 9.2% of soft wheat and 8.5% of corn flour. It is also gluten-free, therefore suitable for the diet of celiac sufferers.

PANDA is an early variety (90-110 gg) resistant to the cold spring, to drought and to lodging with losses contained during harvesting, height about 110 cm. Stem rich in dark green leaves, pink buds with white / pink petals. It makes the most of the residual fertility of the soil and is suitable for all types of terrain, including compact soil.

It is characterized by a fast covering of the ground after sowing, stable growth and high yield of dry substance. It has a good flowering period. Good resistance to viruses and bacteria.

High production: from 15 to 23 q / Ha.

Sowing: it must be carried out towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer, bearing in mind that before sowing and more it is produced, avoiding, however, the frosts. In mountain areas sow from mid-June to July; in the foothills of the northern regions from mid-May, in central Italy and hills in warm areas from the beginning of May. The depth of sowing varies from 3 to 5 cm; it is possible to use a 14-18 cm spaced seed drill, adjusted in such a way as to lay the seed at 3-4 cm depth (4-5 cm in poorly prepared or very dry soil). Buckwheat is a herbaceous plant with finely branched root system reduced and superficial as a result the soil must be well worked.

Hectare dose: about 80 Kg

Buckwheat is also an excellent green manure plant as it has a good allopathic effect against some weeds, inhibiting germination and its rapidity in covering the soil to allow it to easily stifle weeds. If, however, the weeds are at a more advanced stage than the crop, its competitive power is greatly reduced. In this case it is necessary to intervene with agronomic means or with a rescue irrigation that speeds up the growth of the plant with consequent rapid coverage of the ground.

Finally, buckwheat is a mellifera plant that blooms in summer, so its cultivation is ideal for beekeeping.