Cauliflower Palla di Neve - Arcoiris organic seeds

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Brand: Arcoiris

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Heavy yielding.

Approximately 85 days from transplantation. Smooth 15-18 cm heads of tightly formed white curds are

solid, crisp, and tender, excellent quality. Sowing and Harvesting: In some temperate climates in can be used

for spring and winter cycle, however usually It performs well on autumn cycle; For early summer crop, sow

indoors or in greenhouse in early spring. Sow in flats, peat pots or trays. Cover with 1/8 inch fine soil. Keep

soil moist but not wet. Or, seed directly into the garden in early April. For fall crop sow directly outdoors in

late June. Can be over-wintered for early crops in warmer regions. It is downy mildew tolerant.