Cauliflower Romanesco Natalino - Arcoiris organic seeds

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Brand: Arcoiris

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A true “Objet d’Art”.

Approximately 120 days from transplantation, head’s weight 1,5 kg. One of the most beautiful vegetables around, a true “Objet d’Art”.

Each complex, symmetrical head features whorls of pointy, chartreuse green “florets”, in a complex, bewitching design, an amazing

example of phyllotaxis - the fractal patterning that can appear in nature. Romanesco is delicious with a flavor between broccoli and

cauliflower, with a sweet nuttiness that is bereft of the slightly bitter edge cauliflower can have, children tend to like it for this very reason.

If you cook it whole, dunking it in boiling water for a few minutes until tender, it’s one of the most impressive greens you can serve.