Cover Crop MIXBIO3 EQUILIBRIUM Arcoiris organic seeds

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Brand: Arcoiris

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Production region: Italia

50% Loietto, 25% Alessandrino clover, 25% Veccia Sativa

For its balanced composition particularly suitable for increasing the fertility of soils, especially those tired, compact, asphyxiated and with limited organic substance. The ryegrass produces a remarkable green mass that soon covers the ground with positive effect both on its structure and on the reduction and control of weeds. The presence of legumes improves soil fertility thanks to nitrogen fixation.

It sows until the end of October in northern Italy, until November in central and southern Italy and in mild climates. Possible to sow it also between the end of January and mid-February. Recommended dose 40 - 60 / Kg / Ha

Packs of 20 Kg