Hot chili pepper Habanero 500 seeds - Arcoiris organic seeds

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Production region: Italia

Highly selected seed for a professional agriculture

The habanero is a capsicum chinense, very spicy and native to the Yucatan (although for some sources it comes from Cuba, hence the name habanero from the capital L'Habana). Tall erect shrub from 60 to 90 cm, with green lanceolate ovate leaves. Fruit of intense red color, when ripe, with the characteristic shape of a lantern, which can present itself with the elongated tip in conical or re-entrant form. The dimensions range from 2 cm up to 8 cm in length (on average 4 cm), and about half in width.

When opening the fruit, avoid contacting the hands with the eyes and the private parts because the capsaicin is hard to remove even after repeated washing.