Luffa cylindrica 10g - Arcoiris organic and biodynamic seeds

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Brand: Arcoiris

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Production region: Italia

La Luffa belongs to the cucurbitaceae family. Climbing plant like the pumpkins even if the appearance of the fruit is more similar to an elongated and cylindrical zucchini that reaches 50 cm in length.

To use sponges: the fruit must mature on the plant and collect it when the peel changes from green to brown. It is left to dry a few days, the peel is removed and the sponge is extracted and then cleaned from the seeds and impurities.

Germination of the seed very slow, it is advisable to keep the seed in the bath for 24 hours to encourage germination before sowing.

Sowing: from March to the end of May

1 gram of seed contains about 10-12 seeds