Lupinella 1Kg - Arcoiris organic and biodynamic seeds


Brand: Arcoiris

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Production region: Italia

Excellent soil improving plant with a deep root system, rich in numerous and large tubercles. It is very rustic, resistant to parasitic attacks, to the cold, but above all to drought. Multi-year plant with an average duration of 2/3 years, it adapts very well to poor, loose, calcareous and pebbly soils, the important thing is that they are not acidic. You can sow in combination with wheat (bulking technique). If used for forage by a product of good palatability and digestibility that is obtained practically from the first cut because the rib is quite modest. It lends itself very well to grazing for palatability and digestibility.

The sainfoin is drunk by bees for both nectar and pollen. It is one of the most sought after legumes by bees for concentrated nectar (42-55% sugars) producing a white honey with a delicate aroma and flavor. In the Italian Apennine areas it is an important supplier of pollen and in some areas, from May to August the bees collect pollen almost exclusively from this leguminous plant.

Sowing: in southern Italy and mild climates in autumn, in the harsh climates at the end of winter, usually in March.

Sowing rate: 60 / hectare