Pumpkin Violina (Cucurbita moschata) 25 g - Arcoiris organic and biodynamic seeds

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Medium cycle, about 110 days. Pumpkin (also known as winter squash) Violina. Fruits have a violin shape and
wrinkled tan rind, cm 30-40 long, weight kg 3-4. Presents small placental cavity, it’s diameter cm 10 and contains
about 130-140 seeds. Flesh is deep orange and sweet, perfect for desserts, roasting, stuffing and baking. About 10°
Brix and 14% dry material. Can be stored up to 5-6 months after harvesting, weight loss due to long storage up to gr
800. Sowing ratio: cm 100-150 on the row, cm 200-300 between the rows. Suited to processing and fresh market.